Alien: Isolation was already near the top of my list for new games this year. Everything I have seen from the new game by The Creative Assembly made me believe that they knew just what Alien fans were expecting, especially after being violated by Gearbox with Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Now with the DLC titled Crew Expendable, they have taken another step towards owning this Alien lovers heart.

The cast of the 1979 original (Sigourney Weaver, Harry Dean Stanton, Tom Skerritt, Yaphet Kotto and Veronica Cartwright) will voice their game counterparts as you try to find and flush the alien from the Nostromo. Ash will be in the DLC also, but Ian Holm will not be voicing him.

I wish I could convey the amount of feels hearing Weaver, Skerrit and Kotto in the new trailer for the DLC. Alien is my favorite film franchise, making this something special.

Alien: Isolation releases on October 7th.

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