Screenwriter Damon Lindelof Discusses Star Trek Into Darkness Villain Secrecy

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In an interview with the L.A. Times Hero Complex, Damon Lindelof gave the reason why he thinks it is so important that audiences stay in the dark about who exactly Benedict Cumberbatch is playing in this summer’s Star Trek Into Darkness.

“The audience needs to have the same experience that the crew is having. You’re Kirk, you’re Spock, you’re McCoy, so if they don’t know who the bad guy is going to be in the movie, then you shouldn’t know. It’s not just keeping the secret for secrecy’s sake. It’s not giving the audience information that the characters don’t have.”

Well you certainly can’t fault him for that reasoning. I think many people are assuming that Cumberbatch will be playing Khan and I am certainly one of those. I am afraid that some have made such a huge deal out of this that no matter who he ends up being they will be disappointed. If he is Khan, you will have the Ricardo Montalban bandwagon crying foul and if he is a new villain, you will have a group that is pissed off that there Khan guess was wrong.

I applaud the studio and actors for being able to keep the role a secret for this long. Mystery is the spice of life. Or is that cumin?




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