Researchers recently created the first qubit (quantum bit), a critical ingredient in building quantum computers. You heard me. The epic computers of your favorite sci-fi fantasy are going to be here faster than 1980’s Scott Bakula can put on a white leotard and be engulfed in blue flames.


Somehow these scientists figured out how to manipulate the direction electrons flow within a single atom. So instead of the binary code computers use now that’s built of one’s and zero’s, the quantum computer would use the electron flow directions; up, down… or both. So the qubit has 3 possible states, where the classic bit has only 2. (Face melts.)

That jbberish just means these quantum computers will be extremely fast. Watch this video and it’ll make sense:

With this breakthrough, plus recent advances in battery technology, we’re getting closer to a world where Tony Stark’s inventions could come alive and the Xbox will start to look more like the holodeck.

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  1. Harvey Ardman Avatar

    How many qubits to build an ark?

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