Robert Downey, Jr. was teasing a big Marvel announcement last week during his press tour for The Judge and he was not joking. RDJ is finalizing a deal to be in Captain America 3 that will kick off the Civil War storyline in Marvel movies.

Civil War was Marvel’s big event in 2006 that saw Iron Man and Captain America at odds over the Superhero Registration Act that made vigilantes register their real identities with the US government and act under regulations. Looks like we will get more tension between the heroes that we saw in the first Avengers.

Downey’s role was going to be a small part in Cap 3, but the star convinced Marvel for a bigger part which comes with a bigger paycheck. He will make $40 million for his appearance along with percentage of gross if Cap 3 does better than The Winter Soldier at the box office.


As many know, the Civil War storyline ended with the death of Captain America at the hands of a brainwashed Sharon Carter and Crossbones (whose character, Brock Rumlow was introduced in The Winter Soldier). With Chris Evans’ contract ending after Avengers 3 you wonder if the movies will mirror the comics.

Marvel’s plan is for Civil War to have effects all the way to Avengers 4 that will have Tony Stark creating a new team with Ant-Man, Doctor Strange and other heroes. So while we may not be getting Iron Man 4, we will definitely be getting plenty of Iron Man in other places.


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