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All honesty up front about this review- I have a small part in it. So I am reviewing this with some bias. It would be a complete lie to say I could do so otherwise.

In 1999, two teenagers made a crime drama called Revolver Action. It was a VHS wonder that would never see the light of day beyond the family and friends who were involved with it.

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Very rough, yet who am I to judge? I never made a movie in my teenage years. They have a one-up on me (and maybe you) there.

Now fifteen years later the events of Revolver Action come back to haunt Cain and Whitey when their former associate Mr. Fat is killed and they learn that the brother of the man they betrayed is out for revenge.

Helped out by a former F.B.I. agent, they work their way through anybody that knows where the man threatening their families lives is hiding as he plans his vengeance.

If you take the time to watch Revolver Action you will see how much better Slight Return looks and feels. The cuts and wipes are well done and you can’t beat the soundtrack. The montage in the middle of the film should have you smiling even if you had nothing to do with this film.

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I wish there could have been a bit more exposition spent on Michael’s character exploring more of his ruthlessness. While the body count is high, Michael could have had a few more bloody kills to add to his vengeful nature in the film. Who knows, maybe there is a third brother hanging around out there?

I don’t know if they filmed Revolver Action with a sequel in mind, but now that one has come and the story has been expanded, I would not mind seeing more from Cain and Whitey, even though they are “done”.

I said I would review this movie without any bias, but I simply can’t. I won’t blow smoke up your ass and say this movie is anything more than it is. There are flaws, yes, but there is also a lot of hard work involved and the finished product came out (to me) enjoyable as hell.

I hope you will give Slight Return a watch and tell us what you think about it. It runs only 45 minutes and if you have seen all three Transformers movies you have used nine hours of your life for that, spend 45 minutes giving this a try and leave your comments below.

And watch the outtakes after the movie is over. There may or may not be a True Detective bit.

NERD RATING- 7.5 8.5 (sorry, it gets a bump because, reasons)


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