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It is finally here FPS fans. Your yearly crack has arrived. Today sees the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts that is handled by the team at Infinity Ward this year. Now I know this may surprise a lot of you but there is actually a story mode to this game. Who knows if it is good or not? Let’s find out what the reviews are saying about this year’s version.

Will we be reviewing it? Gladly. When someone sends us a copy of it to be reviewed otherwise enjoy these reviews!

IGN– 8.8/10

Single Player- “But like previous CoDs, the story of Ghosts struggles to remain in focus amidst the fray of explosive cinematic moments and relentless firefights. Narrated loading sequences with stylized story animations push the campaign forward, but only last for one or two minutes before launching back into the action. It’s there, on the front lines, that much of the plot progression is presented and oftentimes lost.”

Multiplayer- “Ghosts presents an array of alternative routes, making team play far more effective than traditional run-and-gun strategy – in fact, running around these large maps gets lonely and boring. Traditional lone wolf-style play also throws a wrench in the spawn system, making enemies often appear nearby without warning. Playing in a well-coordinated group is more gratifying than ever, but more casual solo games can be frustrating.”

Kotaku– Not Yet

Single Player- “It’s funny—playing through the initial section of scripted events where you run through your under-attack town, all I could think was, wow. This isn’t nearly as well-paced, or as deliberate as say, the start of The Last of Us—where everything seems so tight and considered that you forget the game is just mostly making you walk forward while stuff (like explosions, crashes, deaths) happen around you.”

Multiplayer- “Playing still feels tense, and this tension is sometimes punctuated by the sudden high of kills. You’ll still live or die by your reflexes. The customization options are still robust (moreso than before, actually), and the number of things you can level and earn experience points for is dizzying.”

Gamespot– 8/10

Single Player- “The whole thing feels like a geopolitical Mad Lib, but a functional and rather harmless one. Ghosts delivers just enough narrative to serve as a catalyst for its whirlwind tour through global warzones, while resisting the urge to club you over the head with plot twists and gratuitous shock-and-awe moments.”

Multiplayer- “A more familiar experience can be found in Ghosts’ competitive multiplayer. The frantic pacing and close-quarters encounters are every bit as enjoyable as they’ve ever been, augmented by contextual lean and running slide abilities that make for more fluid transitions in and out of cover. Infinity Ward has taken a delicate approach to the existing multiplayer progression, though a new perk weighting system promotes better player balance while still giving you plenty of ways to micromanage your loadouts.”

Polygon– 6.5/10

Single Player- With the end of the Modern Warfare series in 2011 and the dawn of a new console generation on the horizon, Ghosts could start from scratch, with no backstory to hold it back. A new storyline and new characters in a new setting seemed like a great opportunity. That freedom nonetheless results in one of the sloppiest storylines in Call of Duty history.”

Multiplayer- Call of Duty: Ghosts too often feels like a me-too product, never breaking entirely new ground. Meanwhile, Infinity Ward has stripped out some much-loved features from Black Ops 2, including League Play, replay recording and player-created emblems.”

Destructoid– 5/10

Single Player- “The campaign isn’t exactly bad, but it is a banal shooting gallery without the remarkable setpieces or memorable moments to carry it. Very much a COD-by-numbers affair, players quickly blitz through the usual tasks with dutiful obligation.”

Multiplayer- “While there are some new toys to play with, and you can even customize the look of your character (as well as play as a woman, finally), the core experience feels like business as usual, moreso since we’ve lost the near-future gadgets found in 2012’s installment.”

Game Informer– 8/10

Single Player- “As stupid as the story is, I found myself enjoying it for exactly that reason. This is a big, dumb action game, and it makes no attempt to be more than that. Instead of the ­convoluted techno-babble of the Modern Warfare series, Ghosts’ campaign is simply about blowing up everything you see in progressively bigger ways. It’s short and wastes no time with character development, opting instead to shuttle you along to the next exploding satellite station or chaotic chase scene.”

Multiplayer- “Grind mixes Halo’s Headhunter mode with Call of Duty’s own Kill Confirmed match type, and it results in some tense moments as you struggle to return dog tags before you’re killed. Blitz is fast-paced and fun, tasking players with sprinting into a designated scoring zone before enemies stop them with a hail of gunfire. Search and Rescue is a smart variant of a series favorite, and gives players hope to return after being eliminated. These new match types can be a lot of fun, but the only thing that feels different is the method of scoring.”

By the look of it some people are hitting the wall when it comes to Call of Duty. It will still sell millions of copies but the reviews are showing a downward trend and will sales be next in the next few years?

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