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We are only mere hours away from Sony’s Playstation event which, most likely, will reveal the Playstation 4. So I figured we would play a little game of “take a stab at rumors and see if Sony can screw it up”. We will go through some quick points and check back after the event to see how close we were to being in Sony’s head.

Be sure and leave your guesses in the comments below. We want to hear just how in tune with Sony you are.

Alright it is time to check and see how my guesses panned out from last night’s event.

1. Will be called the Playstation 4

Yes. Good Start.

2. Will only come in one version

No answer given. Closer to E3 maybe?

3. 1TB hard drive (I am tempted to say 750GB)

No answer given. Guess I was too specific.

4. Will retail for $399.99

Again, no answer.

5. Will still be able to use the PS Move (I don’t know why)

Yes. Media Molecule showed off a sculpting demo.

6. Will stream games and may offer a game rental service.

Yes. Well Gaikai did say streaming games, but not definite on the rental. I’ll take it.

7. At least two of these games will be shown and/or announced as launch titles: Killzone 4, Uncharted 4, Infamous and Planetside 2

Yes. Now we’re doing good. Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son were shown.

8. Will launch on October 25, 2013.

No answer. This will most likely be at E3.

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All in all I am calling this a win for the good guys. 4 out of 8 right and the four not right are pushes for a later date. Bingo!!

2 responses to “Quick Predictions For Sony’s Playstation Event Tomorrow (UPDATED)”

  1. Erich Wildgrube Iv Avatar

    Yeah I may have to get one

    1. Scott Simmons Avatar

      I have to say Sony did excellent last night. They sold me on a lot of the features. Microsoft better have a good showing.

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