PSN Offers Insane Deals To Say Happy Halloween

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Playstation Network is here to get you in the Halloween spirit with a big sale on games that go bump in the night. You can pick up the entire first season of The Walking Dead for only $2.50 if you are a PS Plus member. Really, if you have not played The Walking Dead yet and pass on it costing $2.50 please turn in your gamer card at the door.

The Last of Us is also on sale along with both Dead Island games, multiple Resident Evil titles and Sleeping Dogs with DLC for an insane $12.

The deals will only be available October 22-28th.


-Dead Island: Riptide- $24.99/ $19.99 PS+

-Dead Nation- $5.99/ $3 PS+

-Dead Rising 2: Off the Record- $9.99/ $6.99 PS+

-Plants Vs. Zombies- $4.99/ $2.50 PS+

-Plants Vs. Zombies (Vita)- $7.49/ $3.75 PS+

-Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare- $19.99/ $13.99 PS+

-Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare- $9.99/ $5 PS+

-Resident Evil 4 HD- $7.99/ $5.59 PS+

-Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition- $14.99/ $10.49 PS+

-Resident Evil: Code Veronica X- $9.99/ $6.99 PS+

-Resident Evil: Revelations- $29.99/ $22.94 PS+

-Sleeping Dogs and Nightmare in Northpoint DLC- $12.49/ $11.24 PS+

-The House of the Dead Bundle- $14.99/ $7.50 PS+

-The Last Guy- $3.99/ $2 PS+

-The Last of Us- $44.99/ $35.99 PS+

-The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC- $3.49/ $2.44 PS+

– The Walking Dead Episodes 1-5- $2.49 ea./ $1.25 ea. PS+

-The Walking Dead Season Pass- $4.99/ $2.50 PS+

-The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct- $37.49/ $33.74 PS+

– The Walking Dead: Complete First Season- $13.99/ $9.79 PS+

-Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone- $6.99/ $4.89 PS+ 

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