Playstation Turns 20. Feel Old Accordingly

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Playstation is celebrating their 20th anniversary today. The original Playstation went on sale in Japan on December 3, 1994. I would say it was somewhat a success, selling over 120 million consoles and taking the crown from “untouchable” Nintendo (which pains me to say as a Nintendo fanboy). The system would go on sale in America on September 9, 1995.

I remember playing the demo for Wipeout at Toys R Us and thinking “this is the f***ing future”. Then I played the demo for Battle Arena Toshinden and said “this isn’t fun, I’ll play Wipeout again”.

While I may hold on to the fact that Nintendo 64 was my console of choice, I always have memorable moments with my PS1. Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, Gran Turismo. Hours of gaming that will never be forgotten.

Happy Birthday, Playstation.

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