Here are the quick hits today in the world of movies, TV, games, cd rates, ammunition sales, whatever catches our fancy.



Here is the trailer for Annie starring Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz and Rose Byrne. Be warned: once you watch it, you can’t unwatch it. Personally I am waiting on the remake of Pootie Tang with Robert Downey, Jr., Jonah Hill and Zachary Quinto.

Captain America: The Winter Solider

Watch a four-minute preview of the new Marvel movie over on Fandango.


Game of Thrones

There is a rap album based on Game of Thrones. Not just that, but it is funded by HBO. I can’t make this shit up. It features tracks by Big Boi, Common and others. The title? Catch The Throne.

You can listen to Big Boi’s track “Mother of Dragons” here.


LEGO The Hobbit

The newest trailer for LEGO The Hobbit is in the style of Ocean’s 11 and you will be a better person for watching it.

Mario Kart 8

Nintendo will be releasing a limited edition of the Wii U game with a blue Koopa shell statue. It will look perfect next to my other shelves of limited edition game items I get for some reason.


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