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I loved Pacific Rim. Like almost too much. Yet, there was one thing that bothered me and that was why in the hell did they wait so long to use that damn sword that was built in their Jaeger? If I am fighting beastly creatures from another dimension in a thirty story tall mech you can be damn sure I am whipping that bad boy out before getting into a fist fight.

Luckily artist Kelly Turnbull has answered that question. That’s cold blooded Mako.

Thanks to The Mary Sue.

2 responses to “One Of My Biggest Questions About Pacific Rim Has Been Answered”

  1. Derrick Lewis Avatar
    Derrick Lewis

    THANK YOU!!! Everyone just rolled their eyes when I made that point. That bugged the hell out of me!

    1. Scott Simmons Avatar

      I asked it when I was walking out of the theater.

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