Nintendo’s New 3DS Releasing February 13th


It won’t be very long before you can get your hands on the New 3DS. You can get the new handheld on February 13th for $199. The only colors available will be red and black and it will not come with an AC adapter because…Nintendo. Any old 3DS adapter you have will work, unless you are a new adopter or someone that is buying a new 3DS after a few years of not having one (me), in which case, you will need to add $15 to your total.

There will be a special edition for The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask which you can find on eBay because it is already sold out and people want to use your love of a childhood memory to pay way more than you should for the handheld.


A special New 3DS will come with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate as a Gamestop exclusive as well with a copy of the game for $229.


There is a smaller New 3DS that is available worldwide. Nintendo decided not to bring it here because everything is bigger in Texas, hamburgers, Red Bull, Merica likes it big. I guess.


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