New Batman: Arkham Knight Footage Takes The Batmobile Out For A Spin

One thing Rocksteady’s Batman games have done is capture the tone and feel of the character and never is that more so than with the new gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight.

This footage, running on a PS4, shows how beautiful the game is, seamlessly transitioning between the opening cinema to in-game action as Batman begins his glide around Gotham (much quicker this time).

The focal point of this new trailer is how the Batmobile will be used to traverse the city. It drifts around corners deftly and can switch to what Rocksteady is calling “battle mode” at any time. This is where the iconic vehicle becomes a strafing justice machine with a turret so you can take out enemy vehicles.

Batman: Arkham Knight will be five times larger than Arkham City making this feel like a true open-world Batman game. It will release in 2015.



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