Microsoft Does Not Own Xbox One Domain Names

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Cybersquatting is not a new thing. People have been making quite a bit of money off of it for years. Buy up a popular available domain name that may need to be used in the future and wait for a company to buy the rights from you. It seems Microsoft is hitting a wall with the Xbox One in that someone owns the domain rights and has for the past two years.

One man in London owns the rights to and and Microsoft has filed a dispute seeking to get these domain names for their use.

I am not worried about the whole domain name deal. What I am wondering about is why Microsoft just now filed the dispute for these names. They have already snatched up domain names for all of the possible names we had heard about, but this is the first we have heard about this and it is after Microsoft has announced the name of the console.

This tells me that the Xbox One name was not decided upon until the event was almost upon us or Microsoft changed the name in an attempt to swerve everyone who thought they had the name figured out. The console simply said Xbox on it and a company as large and well thought out as Microsoft had not even filed for the domain names of their next-gen console? Mix this in with the garble of messages about used games and always being online and it looks like Microsoft waited three months after Sony’s press conference and still seemed rushed into an announcement.


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