Photo courtesy hdwallpapers
Photo courtesy hdwallpapers

Twentieth Century Fox’s inability to get another Daredevil feature film off the ground has cost them the rights to the character. Full rights now revert back to Marvel giving them the ability to move forward with a new movie.

Marvel has not gone on record saying that a Daredevil film is in their future plans, but with a character as well-known as The Man Without Fear there is no way he will sit dormant for long. This is also exctiting because now there is another character that can be involved with other Marvel characters at Disney including The Avengers.

Now let the dream casting begin! Leave your favorites below in the comments.


8 responses to “Marvel Regains Daredevil Movie Rights. And There Was Much Rejoicing.”

  1. Trey Sterling Avatar

    Chris Pine or go home.

    1. Jeremiah Wolfwood Avatar

      I really cannot disagree with Chris Pine, but more to the point who do we want for Kingpin

  2. Caleb Hill Avatar

    Call me crazy but I think with another 20lbs of muscle Jon Hamm would make and awesome Matt Murdock, he’s kinda got that blind attorney look to him

  3. Scott Avatar

    Jon Hamm makes an awesome anything,

  4. Jeremiah Wolfwood Avatar

    I really cannot disagree with the idea of Chris Pine as the DD but who do we want for Kingpin

    1. Jeremiah Wolfwood Avatar

      my vote goes to John Goodman for kingpin btws

    2. Scott Simmons Avatar

      That is the question I have been racking my brain with.

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