Remember Thomas Kinkade? The nicknamed “painter of light” that older people love paying way too much for his paintings and even more on gaudy ass gold light-up frames for said pieces? Well get ready to join their way of thinking.

Artist Jeff Bennett┬áhas taken Kinkade’s paintings of houses that look like a Middle-Earth Parade of Homes and added just a touch of the galaxy far, far away. I can not imagine what made him think of this but the brilliance can not be denied. Take a look at all the works below and begin to plan about where you want to put them in your homes. Your journey to becoming your parents is almost complete.

On a side note: for someone that painted such serene environments, Kinkade had a Poe worthy death. He literally drank himself to death on a bender with the well thought out concoction of liquor and Valium. Think that’s messed up? It gets better. He died on Good Friday. Remember that when you are at your parents or grandparents house next Easter staring at their painting on the wall.








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