Lightbox Interactive Forced To Layoff Employees.

Starhawk Developer To Focus On iOS Development.

In some sad news it was announced by Lightbox Interactive’s founder and president Dylan Jobe that the company would be cutting 24 jobs from their workforce and would be getting out of developing games for consoles, instead focusing on iOS games.

Jobe has asserted that the company is not shutting down completely and that all 24 employees were told ahead of time of the layoffs to give them time to get their resumes and portfolios in order. The employees will also be receiving severance packages.

Sony has gone on record officially saying that their partnership with Lightbox has ended as well.

“Sony Computer Entertainment can confirm that it has amicably ended its working agreement with developer LightBox Interactive, Inc. We have had a positive and long-standing working relationship with this talented studio, and wish them the best of success in their next endeavor. Starhawk and Warhawk will continue to be supported by Santa Monica Studio.”

This is very disheartening to hear especially since Starhawk was such a wonderful game. I had a blast playing it earlier this year even if the multiplayer kept kicking my @**. The game did not sell as well as Sony would have hoped and one has to think that it played a huge part in what is happening with the studio now.

You can still support Lightbox by buying [amazon_link id=”B005185SDA” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Starhawk[/amazon_link] and seeing how much work was put into the game and how much fun it truly was. It is a hidden gem that should be experienced.


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