Liam Neeson Is Taking A Ton To The Bank For Taken 3

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You know what? I like the name of this post. Puns be damned.

Guess who’s back for more gravely voiced, neck snapping fun?! Why it’s Liam Neeson who will reprise the role of Bryan Mills for a third Taken movie. His payday? A very hefty $20 million which puts him in the big daddy group of top earners in Hollywood.

This is almost a no-brainer for EuropaCorp when you consider that Taken 2 made over $375 million worldwide off of a $45 million budget. Now the only thing to decide is who gets to be on Neeson’s bad side in the trilogy capper? I would like to suggest some little known about group of Inuit tribesman mafia in Alaska that does human trafficking through an intricate set of ice tunnels beneath the Earth.

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