Killzone: Mercenary Hates Male Genitalia

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One of the reasons to love your Vita right now, besides the fact that Sony is giving you a long list of free or cheap games on PS Plus, is Killzone: Mercenary. The guys at Guerrilla are really trying to make sure that this is the best looking Vita game and that it will be the first quality shooter on the console.

This new developer video shows how the team is using the power of the handheld to bring a true console experience. The game looks decidedly Killzone which is to say dark and dystopian, but it also is stunning considering it is on a handheld.

The reason for the title?

Watching the video you see how simple touch screen swipes will handle the melee kills in the game and one of these being you straight up stabbing guys….in the dick. Yeah, I may hate my enemy, but come on, do you really need to stab them in the dick?

Oh, we do?

OK, well let’s get to some dick stabbing!

[amazon_link id=”B0050SWYTC” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Killzone: Mercenary[/amazon_link] releases on September 17th.


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