Just For Pun: Rating The Order: 1886 Review Subtitles

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Reviews for the PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 have been middling at best. I will be reviewing the game when I pick it up and from what most reviews have said, it shouldn’t take me long to finish (it never does).

We will take a different approach to The Order since I have no review to offer you. I will review the taglines for the reviews for The Order, which range from brilliant to no effort at all. With the Victorian setting and Arthurian names the game is ripe for the subtitle picking.

“Gears of Yore”- NeoGAF


Starting off strong. Sterling wanted this one but GAF beat him to it.

“Short Order”- Jim Sterling


His backup was still strong and worth a good score.

“The Struggle Within”- IGN


Don’t forget, as all IGN commenters do not realize, that 6.5 is “good”.

“Uncompromising Cinematic Vision”- Game Informer


No pun intended I believe. Just there.

“There’s a word for games like The Order: 1886. Rental.”- Giant Bomb


Go right for the throat. I like it.

“7 hours out of ten.”- Eurogamer


Bringing it strong. This is how you do it.

“From hell”- Gamespot


Like the Johnny Depp reference. Gets a bump up for that.

“A half baked PS4 launch game…15 months late”.- EGM


Good enough to be memorable.

“Not enough chaos.”- Destructoid


No pun (or fun) intended.

“London calling”- Polygon


Should be higher but I am a Last of Us fan. If you get it, you get it.

“Ready at dawn, finished by the afternoon”- Videogamer


Winner, winner. Everyone see this? Do more of this.


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