The Jupiter Ascending Trailer Inspires Me To Play A Game

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That game is how long can I wait before I laugh uncontrollably to the point of almost depriving my brain of too much oxygen.

I invite you to watch the trailer to the Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending. They are following up Cloud Atlas with this sci-fi movie where Channing Tatum is some kind of bounty hunting elf and Mila Kunis is the future Queen of the Universe. I can’t believe I just typed that just as much as you can’t believe you read it. Already going out on a limb and calling this “Most Unintentionally Funny Serious Movie of 2014”. Am I the only one that got a weird David Lynch Dune vibe?

Maybe I am not giving it a fair shake. I need to watch it again.

Nope…made it 1:18 in and laughed.

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