IGN, Kotaku, Others Hand Out Their Game Of The Year Awards For 2012



While our own “Best of 2012” will be out in a little while I thought it would be good to share the games that were honored as games of the year by other sites. There was not a whole of of differing opinions between most of the major video games sites. Take a look below to see which games were 2012’s best and be sure and keep an eye out when we announce our “best of” awards.

IGN– Journey
Joystiq– Journey
Kotaku– [amazon_link id=”B006WQR3V0″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]XCOM: Enemy Unknown[/amazon_link]
Rev3Games– Journey
Game Trailers– XCOM: Enemy Unknown

With The Walking Dead winning GOTY at the VGA’s, this year was really a great year for smaller games. XCOM may surprise some people but it is good to see the turn based RTS get back into the premier game talk and on consoles no less.


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