Has The Playstation 4 Controller Been Outed?

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Photo courtesy Destructoid
Photo courtesy Destructoid

With only six days to go until Sony’s big press even that many people (by that I mean 100%) believe will be the official unveiling of the Playstation 4, it seems that Destructoid┬áhas found the first look at what the PS4 controller may look like.

There have been many reports that Sony was abandoning the dualshock design and including a small touch screen that will serve as the start and select buttons as well as have a share button that will let users be able to post info and videos from games they are playing directly to social media sites. Now assuming this is a prototype and not the final product what we can take away from this photo is that the reports appear to be mostly true. It may not be a complete redesign of the dualshock but it certainly has a different look and honestly looks thick as hell (again, prototype).

We only have six more days of waiting before (hopefully) we get to find out the truth. And on the bright side, at least it is not as asinine as the PS3 boomerang debacle.

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