Hans Zimmer May Not Want To Do Batman VS. Superman. I Agree

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Photo courtesy filmofilia.com
Photo courtesy filmofilia.com

Hans Zimmer has spent the last eight years crafting the cinematic music for the DC movie universe. He has handled every installment of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and this year’s Man of Steel. When it comes to 2015’s huge team-up film, the composer is not so sure he wants to return to the studio.

“Honestly, I’m just sort of grappling with that right now. Quite seriously, the thought right now is that no, I don’t want to go and take what I did with Chris and just plonk it into another movie. There isn’t one good reason to do it, and there are so many good reasons not to do it.

Zack hasn’t talked to me about it, so I don’t have to worry about it! I’ll worry about it when I have to worry about it, and then, if I’m lucky, I’ll have an idea. If I have an idea, I can do something with that, but if I don’t have an idea, then my good idea is going to be, ‘Get somebody else.’”

Now first off, I loved Zimmer’s work on all four films. Yes, it can get a bit repetitive. The Dark Knight is by far the most complete soundtrack of the bunch but all four of them are instantly recognizable. His work on Man of Steel this year was especially commendable considering whoever does music for a Superman film is always living in the shadow of John Williams.

That being said, I hope he does take a break and let someone else take a shot at it. There are many composers who could make this soundtrack memorable. First on my list would be Michael Giacchino. His work on 2009’s Star Trek and this year’s Star Trek Into Darkness were wonderful and for anyone who doubts him, just go and listen to the Up soundtrack for which he won an Oscar. I can still tear up to that music.

There would be no problem going with someone unexpected also like Batman: Arkham City composer Nick Arundel who absolutely killed the music for that game.

Whoever is hired they have a massive task ahead of them. They have to bring the sense of hope that Superman embodies as well as craft a new Batman theme that must accompany the most scrutinized actor to ever play the part.

Who would you like to bring their talents to Batman vs. Superman?

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  1. John Williams Avatar
    John Williams

    I want John Williams to score Batman vs Superman

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