Get Ready For More Bautista As Drax And Less Batista Bombs

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Reports are that Dave Bautista is restructuring his deal with Marvel to give him more money and more appearances in Marvel movies due to the success of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Bautista’s Drax was one of the best and unexpectedly best parts of Guardians of the Galaxy and it looks like Marvel realizes that with this news. The big part of this is that Drax will play a “significant” role in Avengers 3 which confirms what a lot of people thought that the Guardians will be teaming up with The Avengers to take on Thanos.

The reason I say you will see less of Batista in a WWE ring is simple: why would he want to come back? His return this year was met with negative fan reaction and by the time WWE turned him heel (which he should have come back as), his deal was almost up. Now he is set to be a bigger deal in the Marvel cinematic universe including Avengers 3. Why in the world would he want to go back?



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