Gears Of War Movie Not Dead Yet

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Could We See Delta Squad On The Big Screen After All?

You would think that bringing Gears of War to theaters would be a no brainer but the movie has been in house at New Line since 2007 and has not moved past the development phase. Things looked bright in 2010 when director Len Wiseman was brought on to direct a feature film version of Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad’s fight against the Locust but again the movie was put aside for New Line to focus on production of The Hobbit (and who can really blame them for that since The Hobbit will be a cash printing machine).

Now the folks over at Creative Artists Agency are shopping the property around to other studios in hope that fans can finally get a big screen version of the best-selling video game. With Gears of War: Judgement due out next March and the Gears trilogy grossing over 1 billion dollars they still see the potential for a movie but that has yet to help Halo get off the ground either.

I would rather have no Gears movie at all than get a half-assed version just to take advantage of a property. Like with Halo there can be no “scaled down” budget for a movie this size especially if you are going to keep the look and feel of the movie true to the Gears universe.

So let the speculation begin again!! Who would be the best choice to direct or star in a Gears of War movie? Let us know what you think.

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