When Frankenstein rises from the dead, there is revenge on his mind.

I, Frankenstein stars Sgt. Michael Nantz from Battle: Los Angeles as the title character. He is an undead hero who is here to kick ass and say nothing about bubble gum. When a Columbian drug cartel kills his father, Frank travels to South America to avenge his loss. He gets caught up in a revolution by the citizens who want to be free of the tyrannical control of drug-raged werewolves headed by Benicio del Toro, reprising his roles from Wolf and Escobar at the same time.

The movie really picks up when he joins forces with twins Percy and Mary Shelley to infiltrate the wolves’ compound. There are plenty of nods to action classics like Lionheart, Cyborg, Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Hard Target, Universal Soldier, Timecop and Double Impact. Lots of kicks to faces and groins.


Things get complicated when Frank’s former bride is revealed to be a wolf in disguise. She sides with the cartel to help take down her ex-husband. The citizens start to question Frank’s character when a story about his past comes to light about him killing a girl trying to give him a flower. Frank is able make them believe it was all a mistake and got therapy.

The final showdown is a huge fight between Frank and the town citizens against the wolves who have taken a concentrated dose of a special drug name AbbyNormal.

Get ready for the best Frankenstein vs. drugged up wolf movie ever. You will be blown away.


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