Are These The Final Four For Doctor Strange Directors?

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Doctor Strange will be on the big screen eventually. Marvel has said that the Sorcerer Supreme will be a part of their Phase 3 set of movies. Now reports are out that four directors are on Marvel’s radar and have either already met or will soon meet with the big wigs very soon.

The directors are: Mark Andrews (co-director of Brave), Dean Israelite (Welcome to Yesterday), Jonathon Levine (Warm Bodies) and Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair).

I only personally have seen work by Andrews and Levine with my viewings of Brave and Warm Bodies. Andrews could have an upper hand seeing how Brad Bird went from The Incredibles to Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol director. Marvel may hope lightning can strike twice from the house of Woody and Buzz.

Arcel is a hot name in Hollywood with his movie, A Royal Affair, being nominated for an Academy Award last year for Best Foreign Film.

Whoever gets the job certainly will have a unique task in bringing Doctor Strange to the screen. Johnny Depp has been rumored to be Marvel’s man when it comes to playing the part. While I am a huge Depp fan, it may be better suited to get someone lesser known, especially if Marvel hopes to turn the Doctor’s adventures into a franchise. Depp does not come cheap and Marvel is widely known for low-balling money amounts as long as your name is not Robert Downey, Jr.



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