Filming Continues on the Hobbit Trilogy

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It would seem that Peter Jackson has resumed filming the Hobbit.  Personally, I’m happy for this new development.  Jackson’s decision to split the franchise into 3 movies was ill-received; much of his audience seems to believe that a trilogy will only drag the series out with long and unimportant scenes.  But hopefully this additional footage will change that.

Not to mention, this almost guarantees future extended editions, which I can certainly appreciate (To a certain extent, that is — at least until a so-called ‘friend’ proposes a marathon…at which point I will kindly excuse myself from the vicinity and carve the lyrics of “One Week” into my arm with a shattered dvd while listening to a tape where the sound of children’s laughter slowly turns to screams of pain, all while eating shattered glass with a side of hydraulic fluid.  No really, ask me how I feel about movie marathons.).

So yeah.  Thumbs up to Peter Jackson.


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