Fat Guy In A Little Singlet- Raw Recap, March 24, 2014


I am hoping that is Cena’s reaction every week after watching himself on Total Divas.

Horrible reality shows aside, how good has the Cena/Wyatt setup been? I am leaning towards “pretty damn good”. Wanna know why? Because for the first time in…well…ever Cena looks vulnerable. Don’t get me wrong, Cena has been beaten down before a PPV and did his “against all odds” shit that made people sick of Hogan after a decade, but this go round seems different. The Wyatts have gotten into his head, even doing the whole “there is someone watching me in the mirror” paranoia bit that we all love.

Normally, Cena winning would get on my nerves. You would figure after ten years I would have this worked out in my head, but I am a wrestling fan so…logic…there isn’t any. I don’t mind here. He has been made to be more than the five-knuckle oaf that always gets the one-up. The Wyatts have an answer for him week after week so when he does win at WrestleMania, it will actually mean something.

Surprise! Who would have thought the match of the night would have been Luke Harper and Cena’s match?

If last night’s match proved anything, it showed that there is so much talent on the WWE roster that is hiding in plain sight.


For a Raw that had some good matches on it, the Taker/Lesnar ending felt like a letdown. The reason why Taker’s casket thing doesn’t do much for me anymore is because I am not 11 years old. It is not even nostalgia anymore. We know he won’t be in there then after it is closed he makes his way through the “Katie Vick Memorial Trapdoor” and appear.

Props to Lesnar for getting thrown over the casket because that didn’t work out so well for HBK when he did it.

One of the things a friend of mine pointed out on his Twitter is that Taker is being set-up to lose at Mania. He gets the upper hand on every random appearance he makes.

But here is the thing…he is NOT going to lose.

There is no win for Lesnar in this. He (and by extent, Heyman) do not get the better of Taker at all before WrestleMania and then get to lose to him also. If we have come to the point in Taker’s career that a match with him at Mania means that you should be grateful for even being involved, then maybe The Streak, or the Taker character itself, should end.

Either that or stop putting big names against him and use it as career-boosting matches for young guys like Reigns, Ziggler or Wyatt who still get something out of a loss.


Arnold was a busy bee last night. He had an in-ring segment with Hogan and man-god Joe Manganiello that was great in three ways:

1. Arnold got the proper cheers and “Arnold” chants from the Brooklyn crowd.

2. The Miz is heel again!!

3. Joe Manganiello.

Then he was on Jimmy Fallon, who used an entire comedy segment to get him to say “get to the choppa” and it was totally worth it.

How over have The Shield gotten in just a few weeks? Damn.

They are now set to take on Kane and the New Age Outlaws in a six-man tag at Mania. They should be given raises just for getting the Outlaws on the card. I feel like The Shield love will come to an end very quickly though.

I am calling it here: Ambrose and Rollins will turn on Reigns during the match.

It sets itself up too perfectly. You have The Shield split you have been teasing, Reigns becomes the big face, Ambrose and Rollins can keep The Shield going inside The Authority, all is well.



We finally figured out what the WrestleMania pre-show match would be when Rybaxel was given a tag title shot against The Usos for helping out Kane on last week’s Smackdown. Way to show faith in the tag-team division that has carried Raw on its back for the past year.

It finally looks like AJ’s reign as Divas champ is over with her taking on every Diva on the roster at Mania. Did it surprise anyone else how many Divas there actually were on the roster when Vicki began naming them off? It is looking like a Naomi or Tamina victory for a new champ and less AJ on the air…(sigh).

Of course, they could have Emma win and I will get to do my Emma dance live the week after Mania on Raw.

With the “Vicki Guererro Invitational” (which sounds like a lesbian golf tournament) and the “Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal”, this is officially the most namiest WrestleMania ever.

Next will be the “Kronik Waste An Opportunity Match” and the “Joe Manganiello Inadvertent Hard-On Segment” (just me?).


I am glad they had a Fatal Four-Way match last night with Christian, Sheamus, Del Rio and Ziggler. It is one of those rare moments where the writers seems to have their heads on their necks and not in someone else’s ass. It continues two feuds and makes the Intercontinental title more important by having these guys fight to see who will face Big E.

Except for the fact that the title match will not be at Mania, you know, where titles should be defended, but on Main Event tonight.

One step forward, two Del Rio rope trips back.

I could talk about HHH, but that would just say that he had anything of worth on last night’s show. He didn’t. He has those weekly interview segments with Cole every week on WWE.com, why on Joe Manganiello’s green Earth would I want to watch it on Raw?

WWE announced that Scott Hall would be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. This is well deserved and another home run for this year’s class.

WrestleMania is only two weeks away and it is pretty much set. Here is the card:

-Batista vs. Randy Orton vs. ? for the WWE World Heavyweight Title

-The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

– HHH vs. Daniel Bryan (whoever wins is in the main event)

-John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

-The Shield vs. Kane and the New Age Outlaws

-Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

-The Usos vs. Rybaxel for the WWE Tag Team Titles

-Vicki Guererro Invitational

I have to hand it to WWE, they have a good card going for them, but I hope it doesn’t go south quickly like WrestleMania 26.

Till next week!




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