“Loot, Loot, Bang, Bang” Erich’s Destiny Review


I have put 18 some odd hours into Destiny, and while most of those were enjoyed I want to talk about 6 of those hours in particular.

 Loot Cave:

Most of my time in Destiny has been spent in the company of my three man fire team, rarely have we come into contact with other players, but then something strange happened we found ourselves working side by side with other Guardians.  Working hand in hand with a common goal.  What was that goal you ask, The Loot Cave.

These pseudo events which consisted of half a dozen of more of us shooting into a cave of eternally spawning Fallen, who graciously walked into our oncoming rounds sacrificing themselves and dropping loot of varying degrees at their feet.


 My favorite aspect of this pseudo event were the times when the screen would flash and the words “The Enemy moves against each other” would pop up at the bottom of the screen.  The loot for that event was not great, but having dozens of enemies on screen at a time and half a dozen of more guardians fighting alongside you were moments to treasure.

 Those 4 hours we spent raiding the first Loot Cave were genuine fun, the 2 we have spent on the second have been less fun, but still enjoyable.  I still do not know how I feel about the other 12 hours I have played.

Loot Cave- 9/10

Could have had better loot.

Playing Destiny has been fun, but have I enjoyed Destiny?  The sad truth is I am still not sure whether I enjoyed Destiny or rather that I enjoyed shooting at things with friends.

Shooting at things with friends- 7/10


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