Some Early PS4 Systems Are Reporting Problems

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The Playstation 4 does not officially release until tomorrow but there are reports that some systems are having problems including HDMI output that has stopped working.

A winner in the Taco Bell “Play the Future First’ contest which received his PS4 early reported that his console was delivered D.O.A. He says the console would turn on but not send a signal to the television. IGN had the same problem out of their retail version of the console also.

This is not what Sony needed to happen right as the PS4 launches but it appears it is a very small number of consoles. The system has a one year warranty on it standard.

Now trolls are out in full force already damning Sony for a few consoles that have gone bad. I would be extremely upset if my console experienced the same issue but let’s not forget the Xbox 360 had an almost 50% failure rate on first run consoles before anyone starts throwing stones.

Read the complete story on IGN.

2 responses to “Some Early PS4 Systems Are Reporting Problems”

  1. Jeremiah Wolfwood Avatar
    Jeremiah Wolfwood

    Yeah the biggest thing here is that we live in a different world than has ever had a console launch. I am sure these things happen every launch, but now we have the internet.

    1. Trey Sterling Avatar
      Trey Sterling

      It’s more than just “the internet,” but I agree with the sentiment. The guy who received his Xbox One early from Target put up more information than some gaming sites have managed to release, and got it all posted within an hour or so of receiving his console. People who aren’t happy with their purchase are always more likely to post, and so there’s almost zero chance that anyone with social media accounts who encounters issues won’t share that with the world.

      The PlayStation 2 is the only other console I have ever purchased at launch, and you know what happened? The freaking thing’s graphics card died like a month later! It wasn’t until Christmas that my parents managed to track down another one, because Sony did exactly diddly and squat to replace it under warranty. These things happen.

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