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Hannibal was my favorite new show of last season. Bryan Fuller crafted a show that completely rebuilt and in many ways remastered characters created by author Thomas Harris. Mads Mikkelsen brought a new debonaire aura to Hannibal Lector that had not been seen before, even by Anthony Hopkins. The first season was one disturbing character breakdown of special investigator Will Graham and when we last left him he was locked in a mental hospital.

The show was not a ratings juggernaut but did have enough of a following for NBC to pick up a second season at the last possible moment. If you have not had a chance to experience the show for yourself the first season has [amazon_link id=”B00CWIMY3O” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]just been released[/amazon_link].¬†You can thank me later.

The poster for the second season will look very familiar to fans as it looks like Will will be seeing Hannibal for his true self this next season.

Hannibal returns next year.

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