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In a few weeks Square will be re-releasing last year’s Tomb Raider for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One as Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. The team at Crystal Dynamics have reworked their engine to harness┬áthe power of the next-gen consoles to give one of last year’s best games a makeover including changing the way Lara looks altogether.

The fine folks at IGN have posted a video that compares the PS3 and PS4 versions while executive producer Scot Amos explains all the fancy stuff they have done to the game.

I am actually getting this version of the game even though I played through the Xbox 360 version twice last year. Don’t ask me why. I normally hate double dips but I had a blast playing the game and will gladly go through it again for the Xbox One achievements. It is also a great chance for people who did not play it last year to pick it up on their shiny new consoles if they want.

To all the people bitching about the re-release; you don’t have to buy it. No one is making you. Calm down.

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