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So remember waaaay back in January when Deep Silver announced the “Zombie Bait” edition of Dead Island: Riptide which included the lovely torso of a bikini-clad woman? And remember how the internet blew up over the next few days talking about how reviled and revolting it was to release something like this? Then, in response, Deep Silver issued a statement which went kind of like this:

“We sincerely regret this choice. We are collecting feedback continuously from the Dead Island community, as well as the international gaming community at large, for ongoing internal meetings with Deep Silver’s entire international team today. For now, we want to reiterate to the community, fans and industry how deeply sorry we are, and that we are committed to making sure this will never happen again.”

Yeah, so fuck all that, they released it anyway.

Why you may ask? Hell if I know. Now I do think the bust is on the tasteless side and to release it anyway after vehemently apologizing for it months back makes the matter even worse. Maybe Deep Silver thought enough time had blown over since January or forgot the internet existed. They may need as much cash as possible after parent company Koch Media purchased Volition for $22 million.

Of course you could just think of the bust as a man that has had a sex change operation after a lifetime of feeling wrong with himself and finally was enjoying his/her first trip to beach and things went awry.


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