Deep Silver has released the first images from their follow up to 2011’s Dead Island.

Called Dead Island: Riptide the game sees the four survivors from the first game caught in a monsoon that wrecks their rescue vessel and strands them back on the island they thought was in their rearviews. Now if that sounds like a bit of a cop out for a sequel the developers are the first to tell you that this is not a sequel to Dead Island. It is a full game but it is more of a massive full game add on to Dead Island.

That’s not to say that you will just be able to run around the island you knew. The monsoon has completely change the layout and environment of the land. This gives you a chance to play in the new weather system in the game’s engine. Weather will adversely affect what you are doing with flood areas and boat missions complete with swimming zombies. If zombies really can swim there is nothing we can do!!

Also there will be a bit of tower defense action going on with defense missions where players will have to build fencing areas, place turrets and set traps for oncoming zombie hordes. Check out the new images below.

Dead Island: Riptide will release sometime in 2013 and has already been announced to have a $50 price tag.

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