UPDATE: Oculus VR “Sells Out,” Game Developers Jumping Ship

Update: Min-Liang Tan, the CEO of high-end gaming tech giant Razer,  has responded to Notch’s tweet: “Perhaps we can help out. Will be in touch.” This year’s CES saw Razer reveal multiple devices that hint toward a possible entry by the company into the realm of virtual reality. Original Story In a shocking announcement, Facebook has revealed […]

Black Friday Beatdown: Deals To Slap An Elderly Person For

Here we are once again. The time of year where we spend time with our families and fill ourselves with unhealthy amounts of food then we head out to war. For presents to give to the loved ones we just spent the day with to see their smiles on Christmas? Silly rabbit. We are there […]

iPhone 5C Announced. Will Sell For $99 And $199

The rumored iPhone 5C became real today as Apple announced that it would replace the iPhone 5 starting on September 20th. The new model will come with polycarbonate plastic covers in multiple colors and will retail for $99 for the 16GB and $199 for 32GB. Along with this, it was announced that the 4S would […]

Would I Seriously Consider Buying An iPad For This? Yes. Yes I Would.

Feast your eyes upon the greatest cover ever conceived or produced for the iPad. Yes, this is an actual cover made to look like the Grays Sports Almanac from Back to the Future Part II. The only way this could possibly be better is if you randomly happen upon Thomas F. Wilson (who portrayed Biff […]

XBox One Official Launch Countries List

The Facts All of the ins-and-outs around the Xbox One’s always-online requirements are slowly coming to the surface as E3 wears on, and the latest update is Microsoft’s announcement that only a select list of countries will have full XBox Live support at launch. Since the release of the list, gamers (and even developers) in […]

iPhone 5S To Launch With Different Colors, 6 In 2014 With Larger Screen?

An analyst for Jeffries has stated that he believes that the iPhone 6 will launch in 2014 with an even larger screen than its predecessor, the iPhone 5. He also went on to say the iPhone 5S will launch this summer with the 4″ screen that is standard on the 5’s now, but that Apple […]

SCIENCE ALERT! Researchers create quantum bit. Quantum Leap just got real, ya’ll.

Researchers recently created the first qubit (quantum bit), a critical ingredient in building quantum computers. You heard me. The epic computers of your favorite sci-fi fantasy are going to be here faster than 1980’s Scott Bakula can put on a white leotard and be engulfed in blue flames. Somehow these scientists figured out how to manipulate the direction […]

Samsung’s Galaxy Mega Asks If You Can Handle 6 Inches

Hey, are you one of those people walking around with a Galaxy Note I or II in your pocket as people wonder what is the bulge in your pants? Well guess what? It’s not the biggest anymore. That’s right, Samsung has moved one step closer to telling you to buy a Galaxy Tab and tape […]

Here Is The Galaxy Muse, Samsung’s Answer To The iPod Shuffle

  First off, I know what you are thinking and no Samsung has not started making birth control holders. This, in fact, is the company’s answer to Apple’s iPod Shuffle, the Galaxy Muse. The Muse comes with 4GB of storage and promises 6 hours of music playback. While not incredibly stylish in design it does […]