Comics Week- February 5, 2014

DC Comics Action Comics #28 (Aaron Kuder Regular Cover), $3.99 Action Comics #28 (Dave Johnson Steampunk Variant Cover), AR Batman Black And White #6 (Of 6), $4.99 Batman Joker’s Daughter #1 (One Shot), $4.99 Batwing #28, $2.99 DC Comics Bombshells Batgirl Statue, $124.95 DC Comics Presents Harley Quinn #1, $7.99 Deathstroke Volume 2 Lobo Hunt […]

Superman’s New Creative Team Is Getting 50% Better

Rumors have become reality as DC announced that John Romita, Jr. is coming over from Marvel to be the artist on Superman. They gave a first look, which you can see above, of Romita’s interpretation of Supes. The other half of the creative news is the exciting part. Geoff Johns will be taking over writing duties […]

The Steampunk Justice League Is Here To Kick Ass And Look Fashionable

Artist Dan Panosian has brought members of the Justice League into the world of steampunk with these two pieces featuring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg. Batman looks a little like pirate Batman from Grant Morrison’s The Return of Bruce Wayne. I do love Superman’s look as well. Cyborg’s character was custom fit for the steampunk world […]

Comics Week- January 15, 2014

DC Comics Astro City #8, $3.99 Batgirl #27 (Alex Garner Regular Cover), $2.99 Batgirl #27 (Scribblenauts Unmasked Variant Cover), AR Batman Li’l Gotham #10, $2.99 Batman The Dark Knight Volume 3 Mad HC, $24.99 Coffin Hill #4, $2.99 Constantine #10, $2.99 Creature Commandos TP, $19.99 DC Comics Super-Heroes Batman Bust, $49.95 DC Comics Super-Villains Suicide […]

Holy Chimichangas! Deadpool’s Getting Married!

Dearly beloved, we will gather together in Deadpool #27 to join together Deadpool, lover of alternate realities and Mexican food to a woman yet to be named. Official invitation can be seen below and guesses will be taken as to who the lucky(?) woman will be. Glad to see that Cable will be the best […]

Comics Week- December 4, 2013

Scott’s Picks of the Week Swamp Thing #26 Star Trek: Khan #3 DC Comics Action Comics #26 (Aaron Kuder Black & White Variant Cover), AR Action Comics #26 (Aaron Kuder Regular Cover), $3.99 Batman Black And White Batman Arkham Origins Statue, $79.95 Batman Superman #6 (Brett Booth & Norm Rapmund Black & White Variant Cover), […]

Comics Week- November 13, 2013

Scott’s Picks of the Week Batman #25 Forever Evil: Arkham War #2 Star Trek: Khan #2 The Walking Dead #116 DC Comics Aquaman Volume 2 The Others TP, $14.99 Aquaman Volume 3 Throne Of Atlantis HC, $24.99 Astro City #6, $3.99 Batgirl #25, $3.99 Batman #25 (Greg Capullo Black & White Variant Cover), AR Batman […]

Comics Week- November 6, 2013

Scott’s Picks of the Week Forever Evil #3 Superman Unchained #4 Swamp Thing #25 DC Comics Action Comics #25 (Aaron Kuder Black & White Variant Cover), AR Action Comics #25 (Aaron Kuder Regular Cover), $3.99 All-Star Western Volume 3 The Black Diamond Probability TP, $16.99 Batman Arkham Origins Series 1 Bane Action Figure, $24.95 Batman […]

Comics Week- October 30, 2013

Scott’s Picks of the Week Damian: Son of Batman #1 Deadpool Kills Deadpool #4 Swamp Thing Annual #2 DC Comics Action Comics Annual #2, $4.99 Aquaman Annual #1, $4.99 Batgirl Volume 2 Knightfall Descends TP, $16.99 Batman Volume 3 Death Of The Family HC, $24.99 Damian Son Of Batman #1 (Of 4)(Andy Kubert Black & […]

Wolverine Was Just The First. Now Gambit Gets Axed By Professor X

Professor X is on a roll with these X-Men layoffs. First, it was Wolverine and now everyone’s favorite Cajun is taken to task. Is anyone safe in this economy? If it is affecting The X-Men, no one is safe. Laissez les bons temps rouler.