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Jack Ryan is back on the big screen after an 11 year break and Chris Pine has now taken over the role. The first trailer for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit  may seem a bit by the numbers in places especially with the whole “wife showing up randomly and getting in the middle of things” but I am still excited for this movie because I do love me some shady government/espionage films. Plus, I trust director Kenneth Branagh with the character.

Also, it hurts to see Keira Knightley. Don’t get me wrong, I am a large goblin of a man but to see what she used to look like in the first Pirates movie to now just hurts. Seriously, go watch The Curse of the Black Pearl then watch At World’s End. It is like looking at the face of God then the face of Skeletor.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit releases on Christmas Day.

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