The Battlefield 4 Story Trailer Is Not PETA Approved

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Show of hands. Who remembers Battlefield 3’s story? Put your hand down “always has to feel important guy”, no one remembers Battlefield 3’s story.

Well Battlefield 4 is here to make sure you remember that it has a story and it is the anti-Call of Duty. Does Call of Duty have female players in multiplayer? Screw that, Battlefield has one as a main character. You can have a dog partner? Fu** your dog. Battlefield 4’s soldiers punch dogs in their stupid dog faces. Literally. A dog gets punch in the face.

I laughed.

Will the story be more memorable this time around? Who knows? They all blend together anyway. Terrorist with a name with too many consonants either is blowing up stuff or plans to blow up stuff and you as Brick Gunplay must stop him with your squad of varied racial and psychological stereotypes.

Dog punching is an added bonus.

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  1. Anony Mouse Avatar
    Anony Mouse

    Lol keep crying over a animation of a dog getting punched. I’m sure you’d do the same if you had dogs attacking you, tool.

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