Avengers 2 To Feature New Ultron Origin Story

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Photo courtesy filmschoolrejects.com
Photo courtesy filmschoolrejects.com

Joss Whedon has shed some light on his just announced sequel to The Avengers, Age of Ultron. Once again, Whedon makes us internet guessers look foolish by saying that this will be a completely new origin for the character of Ultron. His script is going to bring in the robotic terror in a new way. So no Hank Pym…yet. Whedon also said that since this will be a new story that this past years Age of Ultron story will have no bearing on the next Avengers film.

Check out the interview he gave for Marvel at Comic-Con just after the announcement:

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  1. Jeremiah Wolfwood Avatar
    Jeremiah Wolfwood

    hrm I am feeling nerdy rage over hank Pym not being involved in the origin story, but I will stow it until see the film

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