Nintendo’s New 3DS Releasing February 13th

It won’t be very long before you can get your hands on the New 3DS. You can get the new handheld on February 13th for $199. The only colors available will be red and black and it will not come with an AC adapter because…Nintendo. Any old 3DS adapter you have will work, unless you […]

Goro, Kung Lao & Kitana Lead The Way In New Mortal Kombat X Trailer Gather the kids around the screen to see the new trailer for Mortal Kombat which has our first footage of Kitana and Kung Lao throwing hats and fans around like they are going out of style. The trailer ends with a look at Kitana’s fatality that in no way involves someone’s skull cap falling […]

Sony Bundling The Last Of Us With PS4’s Again (Permanently?)

Remember when you would open up the box to your new NES and had a copy of Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt ready to play? Your SNES with Super Mario World? Seems like Sony is going back to the days of that. The Last of Us bundle that Sony sold over the holidays will be making its […]

Scott’s Best And Worst WWE Superstars 2014

2014 started out to be a good year for WWE. You could tell a change was in the air, but just like Bray Wyatt, they know how to screw things up. As much as I complain about the product overall there are bright spots that give me hope that one day we will be ushered […]

WWE Changes Announce Teams For Raw And Smackdown

Raw and Smackdown will be getting new announce teams next week. WWE announced that starting Monday, January 12th Michael Cole, JBL and Booker T. will be the new announce team on Raw. Smackdown will have Cole, Byron Saxton and Jerry “The King” Lawler. Lawler was hospitalized last week with diverticulitis. I think the move was […]

Nerd Rating’s 2015 Gaming Predictions

Scott 1. Starfox and Zelda Wii U will release in 2015. Nintendo has said that Starfox will be playable at E3 and set for release this year. Zelda is also supposed to release this year, but I think many doubt Nintendo can make good on that. I think they know what situation the Wii U […]

Jurassic Parks & Recreation Trailer Already Wins 2015 I would like to present the award for “The Whole Internet” to the folks behind this trailer which is too much awesome sauce to handle. We knew these types of mash-ups would happen, but I did not expect to have a clear winner this early.

Ant-Man Trailer Proves Michael Douglas Is One Hell Of A Motivational Speaker No wonder he could convince Catherine Zeta-Jones to sleep with him for multiple years. After listening to that I want to be Ant-Man and I am a 300 pound walking Taco Bell. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be a hole in my nerd heart for not getting to see Edgar Wright’s version […]

That’s So 2014: Scott’s Game Of The Year (And More) Extravaganza

Game of the Year South Park: The Stick of Truth Look at some of the achievements for this game and you know what to expect: shit your pants during a boss battle, find Jesus while playing as a Jew, fart on 100 animals, join the KKK. South Park fans would not be surprised by this. […]