2014: A Year Of Surprises. Erich’s Game Of The Year

Surprise, your game does not work. Surprise, this game is awesome. Surprise, you bought the rights to a game without faces. Game Of The Year Dragon Age: Inquisition No one who knows me will be surprised by a Bioware game being my GOTY, but this is more than that. Inquisition checked off almost all of […]

“Loot, Loot, Bang, Bang” Erich’s Destiny Review

I have put 18 some odd hours into Destiny, and while most of those were enjoyed I want to talk about 6 of those hours in particular.  Loot Cave: Most of my time in Destiny has been spent in the company of my three man fire team, rarely have we come into contact with other […]

SCIENCE ALERT! Researchers create quantum bit. Quantum Leap just got real, ya’ll.

Researchers recently created the first qubit (quantum bit), a critical ingredient in building quantum computers. You heard me. The epic computers of your favorite sci-fi fantasy are going to be here faster than 1980’s Scott Bakula can put on a white leotard and be engulfed in blue flames. Somehow these scientists figured out how to manipulate the direction […]