Tomb Raider: The Final Hours Reaches Its Final Video

It is finally time to see the last video in the Tomb Raider: The Final Hours series. Over the past six months the series has introduced us to the actors portraying the characters, the creation of the unique music, the first hands-on for the public at San Diego Comic-Con and last time, the immense strain […]

Damian Wayne Is Dead. What Does This Mean For Future Batman Titles?

  In case the news did not pass you yesterday, a rather huge event happened in the Bat-universe with the death of Bruce Wayne’s son, Damian. Now, the current Robin was certainly a dick for most of the time the character has been written, but really wouldn’t you be also if you were raised like […]

Watch The First Developer Video For The Last Of Us

Naughty Dog has started to release developer videos leading up to the June release of The Last of Us. The first is titled “Hush” and focuses on the development process that went into creating the infected citizens. Not wanting to make them simply zombies, they took their inspiration from the fungal plants they saw on […]

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Box Art Revealed

The worst kept video game secret of the past few weeks is official. Assassin’s Creed’s next installment will indeed have a pirate theme and apparently try to see how many weapons one man can have on his person at one time. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is the next chapter in the AC saga and […]

Is Super Troopers 2 Filming This Year??

MOTHER OF GOD. The long rumored sequel to the 2001 classic (it’s a classic, dammit) Super Troopers may finally be getting made this year. Kevin Heffernan has gone on record as saying as much. Farva had this to say on the long gestating sequel: “We wrote the script and handed it in to Fox, and […]

New Iron Man 3 Poster Shows Tony’s Marks

And the Iron Man 3 poster bonanza keeps on rolling! Today we get a final one sheet showing a beaten to hell Tony floating atop a piece of debris as all the different versions of his suit take off around him. Rumors suggest that during the film Tony makes an Iron Man army that he controls […]

PSN Gamers Choice Award Games 50% Off

  Another day, another great Playstation Network sale. Yesterday we told you about the Spend $50, Get $10 sale and now Sony is making sure you have a great reason to spend that $50 with their Gamers Choice Awards Sale. Playstation 3, Vita and PSP games that were voted on and won are discounted by 30% […]

Chris Cooper Cast As Norman Osbourn In The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is apparently going for the record for Oscar winners and nominees to be in a comic book movie. Not content with just Oscar winners Jamie Foxx and Sally Field or Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti, director Marc Webb has gone out and cast Oscar winner Chris Cooper to play the devious Norman […]

Tomb Raider ‘Reborn’ Trailer

We are less than a week away from the release of Tomb Raider and Crystal Dynamics and Square are in full-on promotion mode with commercials everywhere you look. Now they have released a new trailer for the game titled “Reborn”. In it footage is shown from the game while many different people name off their […]

Remember Remember Me’s Release Date

Capcom has revealed the release date and released a new trailer for their upcoming game Remember Me. The game is being developed by Dontnod Entertainment takes place in the year 2087 and stars Nilin, a memory hunter whose memory has been erased for some unknown reason. She must piece together past events to discover who […]