13 Lines I Still Use From Mystery Science Theater 3000

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I was 12 years old when I saw my first episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It was 2 AM on a Sunday night/Monday morning. I did not have school the next day and was watching what I could of local channels before they went off the air (they used to do that, kids). A show came on with a weird theme song and had a guy talking with two homemade looking robots. Then they watch a movie called Pod People and made fun of it. I laughed for the next two hours and that was it. I was hooked.

Over the last 22 years MST3K has been a staple on any TV I have owned from VHS tapes that were 20 bucks a pop to DVD sets. With that much bad cinema (and funny lines) in my head there were bound to be some that make their way into my everyday life. Here are thirteen lines from the show that have been used on multiple occasions (sometimes daily) since I became a MSTie.

“Waka chi waka” (Mitchell’s theme) from Mitchell (1993)

“This is where the fish lives.” from The Touch of Satan (1998)


“Trumpy, you can do magic.” from Pod People (1991)

“It’s speedy delivery guy and boy, does he have a package.” from Cave Dwellers (1991)

“It’s the wango, zee tango.” from Cave Dwellers (1991)

“I’m runnin’ down the road, tryin’ to loosen my load. I’ve got Coleman Francis on my mind”. from Red Zone Cuba (1994)

“What’s the word? Thunderbird! What’s the price? 40 twice.” from The Unearthly (1991)

“Silence! Is golden.” from Manos: The Hands of Fate (1993)


“Oh, it’s a Goldstar.” from MST3K: The Movie (1996)

“May your forehead grow like the mighty oak.” from MST3K: The Movie (1996)

“Sting, Debbie Reynolds and God.” from Space Mutiny (1997)

“Rowsdower.” from The Final Sacrifice (1998)


“Expecting a flood, son?” from What About Juvenile Delinquency (1993)

Do you have any lines from Mystery Science Theater that have permanent residence in your head? Let us know what they are.


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