1 Million PS4’s Were Sold In First 24 Hours

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Photo courtesy news.softpedia.com
Photo courtesy news.softpedia.com

Sony revealed over the weekend that the Playstation 4 sold 1 million consoles in North America in the first 24 hours of it going on sale. That is a great start for Sony’s next generation console that they are hoping to sell 5 million of┬áby March 2014. Assuming Sony can keep stores replenished with PS4’s through the holidays they should have no problem meeting that mark by spring.

There are still some consoles that are having problems out there including HDMI ports that wont send signal to the TV (which is due to a bent prong inside the HDMI port) and some not booting up at all. Sony has been responding to complaints with ways to try and fix the console or sending it back to them for a replacement. Even if it is a very small number Sony does not need this hanging over them as the Xbox One launches this week.

We now get to see if the Xbox One can meet or surpass the sales numbers that the PS4 did last week. I know Microsoft is hoping for a smoother launch than their competitor.

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